Trump hails ‘landmark’ US-China deal

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The “phase 1” agreement signed on Wednesday with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He marks a first step in the process of calming relations.

Through Le Figaro with AFP

Chinese Vice Premier Liu He in Washington on January 15.
Chinese Vice Premier Liu He in Washington on January 15. SAUL LOEB / AFP

Donald Trump hailed a trade deal on Wednesday January 15 “historicalBetween the United States and China just before the document was signed with the main Chinese negotiator, Liu He.

Today marks a historic step, a step that had never been taken with China, towards a fair and reciprocal trade agreement between the United States and China.Said the US president about the so-called “phase 1” deal. “We know there will still be disputes between our two countries, but today marks the start of a new chapter in trade relations between the two largest economies in the world.Added the American vice-president Mike Pence. Donald Trump also confirmed that he plans to travel to China soon to continue negotiations for a “phase 2” deal.

The agreement signed Wednesday, January 15, marks a truce in a painful trade war, which has weighed not only on the American and Chinese economy but also on global growth.

In addition to Beijing’s purchases of some $ 200 billion in additional U.S. goods, the deal also includes important components that allow U.S. companies to do business in China more freely or on more solid legal grounds, including in terms of compliance intellectual property or technology transfer.



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