Trump hinted for the first time that he will leave office

“I will and you know it,” the President said when asked if he will leave the White House in the event that Biden is declared the winner on D 14 by the Electoral College. However, he insisted that there was fraud and that he won.


08:12 AM / 27/11/2020

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, hinted, for the first time, that he will leave his post, if the Electoral College votes for Democrat Joe Biden, although he maintained his theory that there was fraud in the electoral process on November 3.

As reported by the US media, Trump made these insinuations during an appearance this Thursday 26-N with journalists on the occasion of the Thanksgiving celebration.

“I certainly will and you know it,” Trump said when one of the reporters asked him if he will leave the White House in the event that Biden is declared the winner on December 14 by the Electoral College, according to local media.

“I will do it and you know it,” added the President, before specifying that it will be “something very difficult for him to admit because we know that there was massive fraud” in the presidential elections.

However, the US President insisted that, if Biden is declared the winner of the elections, this fact will become “an error” on the part of the electoral college, which is the one who has to proclaim the new president out of the polls.

In fact, after this appearance, the first since the elections in which he responded directly to questions from journalists, Trump published a new message on his twitter account in which he criticized the interpretation that was made of these words.

“I gave a long press conference today after wishing the military a Happy Thanksgiving, and realized once again that the fake news media is coordinating so that the real message of such a conference never gets out. The main point that was made was that the 2020 elections were MADE and I WON! “, Trump stressed.

Although the president has taken some steps to favor the presidential transition process to hand over his position to Biden next January, he continues without recognizing the victory of the Democrat and maintains a judicial pulse against the electoral recount.


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