Trump insinuates FBI and Justice Department implicated in ‘rigged’ election

Current US President Donald Trump suggested on Sunday November 29 that US justice was “To absent subscribers” in the face of electoral fraud of which he believes he was a victim. While ensuring that he would continue to challenge the election results.

It’s fraud, and that’s it. As to FBI and the Department of Justice … I don’t know, they might be involved in this. It’s still incredible that all these people can get away with this. With the fraud everywhere, no one came to me and said ‘By the way, the FBI cornered the perpetrators of this plot ‘.

Donald Trump

President of the United States of America

Trump still does not abdicate. On Sunday, November 29, the American president granted Fox News her first television interview (see the video below) since the presidential election of November 3. And while there is “No evidence of widespread electoral fraud”, he went on to say that the election was “Rigged”, underline the Boston Herald.

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According to the Conservative tabloid, the current tenant of the White House considers his own government’s Justice Department to be “To absent subscribers” and that, like the FBI, it might be “involved” in a conspiracy of widespread electoral fraud.

Trump’s lawyers have exposed cases of electoral fraud in several states, but the US courts have repeatedly dismissed the campaign team’s appeals, “Declaring them unfounded”, specify it Boston Herald. Saturday, November 28, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania thus rejected an action brought by the defenders of the American president.

“Monumental deliveries of bulletins”

Trump explained to Fox News that we had started to congratulate him for winning at 10 p.m. on election night:

The election was over, and suddenly they had deliveries – that’s the word they use, ‘deliveries’. Monumental deliveries [de bulletins de vote] in Michigan, Pennsylvania, everywhere. ”

Postal ballots, which had to be in favor of the Democrats, “Were counted later than election day”, however, recalls the Boston Herald.

Trump also assured that he would continue to challenge the election results:

I will be using 125% of my energy to do this. We need a judge who is ready to hear a case. We need a Supreme Court that is ready to make an important decision … It’s not as if you are going to change my mind. In other words, I won’t change my mind in six months. ”


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