Trump invites Johnson to an official visit to the White House

The president of United States, Donald Trump, invited the British prime minister to an official visit to the White House, Boris johnson.

However, there are still no formal talks between Downing Street and the White House to decide the date of the visit of Johnson, whose partner, Carrie Symonds, has also been invited, as reported on Sunday the newspaper 'Sunday Times'.

Trump has extended to Johnson multiple invitations since the last one was appointed prime minister in July. On the occasion of the recent elections in the United Kingdom, in which the prime minister was re-elected with an absolute majority, Trump predicted that both countries they will sign "a new massive trade agreement" that will be much more beneficial than any pact that the United Kingdom could sign with the European Union.

"The United Kingdom and the United States are now free to get a new massive trade agreement after Brexit," said the US president. "This agreement has the potential to be much greater and more lucrative than any other agreement that could be achieved with the European Union," he predicted. "Celebrate it, Boris," Trump settled.


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