News Trump is Donald's “worst enemy” for the “Wall Street...

Trump is Donald’s “worst enemy” for the “Wall Street Journal”


Freshly acquitted in the impeachment process, the White House tenant sparked controversy over the independence of the judiciary. According to this conservative daily, Trump is pushing millions of voters to wonder if they really want to run the risk of re-electing him.

“After his acquittal by the Senate, we wrote that the story of President Trump was that he cannot stand calm. He was quick to prove us right ”, comments the Wall Street Journal.

The conservative daily refers to the intervention of the American president, who spoke on February 11 on Twitter about the treatment “unfair” reserved by the American courts for his friend and adviser Roger Stone. Prosecutors had requested a sentence ranging from seven to nine years in prison against Stone for lying before Congress and bribing a witness.

“By publicly fuming as he did, Donald Trump has harmed himself, his Department of Justice


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It’s the business bible. But to be careful: on the one hand, high-quality surveys and reports; on the other, editorial pages so partisan that they too often fall into the most bad faith


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