Trump is in love with NATO because they laugh at him

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In 'The impassive American' Graham Green portrayed the damage that can cause people full of good intentions and the NATO summit that closed in the English town of Watford, outside London, the acts of his seventieth anniversary was shaken from beginning to end by the adventures of the unpredictable president, Donald Trump. But it did not cause serious damage.

After canceling his planned press conference at the end of the summit and returning home earlier, he was recorded complaining like a child: «You see, now they will say that I have not given the press conference. How funny I was when I said that uncle has two faces, huh?». Uncle was the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, and indeed the president had described him as a fake for laughing at him.

The crime scene is Buckingham Palace. Queen Elizabeth II receives the dignitaries of the 29 NATO member countries at sunset on Tuesday. A television camera with a remote microphone records the conversation between Trudeau, the president of France, Emmanuel Macron, the prime ministers of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, and the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, and Princess Anne, daughter of the queen.

Johnson is heard saying, "Is that why you are late?" "Yes," Trudeau replies, "he is late because he thinks about improvising a 40-minute press conference." Indeed, Trump did not hear from his landing in London and arrived so late at the Palace that there was a misunderstanding between Isabel II and her daughter, Anne, who did not know if she had to join the greetings to Trump and his wife, Melania, or hide to speed up the protocol. Trudeau kept telling his colleagues about the adventures of his colleague in Washington: "His team was listening with his mouth open."

Macron and Trump, at the NATO summit.
Macron and Trump, at the NATO summit. / Reuters

Trump responded in the morning, after an encounter with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. "Well, it has two faces," the president complained. "But sincerely, Trudeau is a nice guyI think it's a very nice guy. But you know the truth, I caught his attention because he is not paying 2 percent (in defense) and I imagine he did not like it very much ». When they agreed on the group photo, Trump composed morritos, which he did not abandon throughout the day.


This comedy among some of the most powerful men of the moment watched in the media the content of the summit, which consisted of three hours of collective meeting and bilateral meetings. Regular commentators on the Atlantic Alliance have stated these days that the summit was so short for prevent a longer encounter from contributing visibility to your problems.

The final communiqué and subsequent statements by the leaders showed, however, that public disputes had been appeased in "the only place where Europe and North America debate, decide and act every day together," according to the description of their secretary general. , Jens Stoltenberg. One of its agreements is the beginning of a long-term reflection on the political side of the Alliance.

The French president, Emmanuel Macron, wanted to take over that agreement, which he presented as a result of his denunciation of the 'brain death' of NATO. To this strategic reflection Macron wants to add a new role for the EU as a protagonist in the negotiation of a new international treaty on nuclear missiles, after the abandonment by Russia and States that banned land-based and medium-range ones, to which China did not It never belonged.

Trump's complaint about the insufficient contribution of European countries to his own defense – making the reproach of his predecessor, Barack Obama, to the 'gorrones' – 'delinquent' – has had an effect, and all European countries and Canada are Increasing your spending The summit dealt with China for the first time, as an opportunity and threat, on the importance of technological advantage, on the hybridization of war, …

There was previous tension with the Turkish president, Tayyip Erdogan, for acquiring Russian air defense systems and for doubting the fundamental principle of reciprocal defense, because the rest of the allies do not consider the Kurdish YRG terrorist with whom they have fought against the Islamic army in Syria. The summit confirmed that the Russian system acquired by Ankara cannot be integrated with that of NATO. France, Germany and the United Kingdom have decided to hold more meetings with Turkey with the same format to manage the differences.

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