Trump is pushing for Georgia election results to be changed

Donald Trump

The incumbent US president does not want to admit defeat in the election.

(Photo: AP)

Washington Donald Trump has lost more than forty court cases to challenge the election, but he does not want to accept Joe Biden’s victory. An hour-long phone call reported by the Washington Post on Sunday shows the extent of Trump’s displeasure with the presidential election.

In the conversation, which the newspaper published excerpts as an audio recording, the US President is pushing for a change in the election result in the important state of Georgia. “People know that everything was a fraud,” Trump says to the Republican administration chief Brad Raffensperger, who is responsible for the election logistics on site.

Trump’s efforts to have the Georgia election result changed retrospectively represent a case of “brazen abuse of power” in the eyes of the elected US Vice President Kamala Harris. The Republican’s actions reveal “the voice of desperation,” said the Democrat on Sunday evening (Local time) at a campaign appearance in the city of Savannah, Georgia.

Trump had narrowly lost Georgia in the November 3rd election. The Democrat Biden was there with about 12,000 votes in front. The results were recounted twice; Despite Trump’s claims, there was no evidence of electoral fraud.

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Trump now bluntly called on Raffensberger to find new votes or votes that were not counted due to formal errors. “I only need to find 11,780 votes … because we won the state,” Trump said at one point on the phone. Raffensberger was taking a “big risk”, warned the president and he might be guilty of a crime if he didn’t do anything. He should check the results again, demanded Trump. “But check it out with people who want to find answers.”

Raffensperger replied, according to the recording: “We have to stand by our numbers. We believe our numbers are correct. ”The State Secretary pointed out that the results would also have stood up in court. Georgia will hold runoff elections for two Senate seats on Tuesday, the outcome of which could topple the Republican majority in the Washington House of Representatives.

Parts of the Republicans are still loyal to Trump

The Washington Post article said the “rambling and sometimes incoherent conversation” showed how “obsessed and desperate” the president was over his electoral defeat. Trump still believes he could change the outcome in enough states to secure a second term.

This week, the US Congress will officially certify the election result. More than a hundred Republican MPs and eleven senators have announced resistance. You can very probably not change the outcome – but the demonstrative loyalty to Trump shows how strongly his accusation of electoral fraud is caught in parts of his party. Biden is due to be sworn in on January 20th.

Former US defense ministers warn against abuse of the military

Meanwhile, ten former US defense ministers have called on the military not to participate in Trump’s attempt to block the transfer of power. The elections are over, the recounts and reviews are over and the electoral college has voted, it said on Sunday in a joint comment in the Washington Post.

The time has come to accept Trump’s defeat and recognize Biden’s victory. “Attempts to involve the US armed forces in electoral dispute resolution would lead us into dangerous, illegal and unconstitutional territory.” The signatories also included Mark Esper and James Mattis, who served under Trump.

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