Trump nears the end of his entrenched term and alone in the White House

  • Angry, lonely and taciturn, the still president ponders his last decisions before leaving the presidency

  • The Republican plans a cascade of pardons, which could include himself and the rest of his family

For four years the world always knew how the most powerful man in the world felt. With an undeniable talent for being the center of attention, Donald Trump permanently telegraphed his moods breaking into his favorite television shows without warning, tweeting at all hours, attending to the press before getting on the helicopter or airing his obsessions to a clique of friends who would soon leak them to the media. But that was before the ‘grand finale’ of his explosive ‘reality show’, that assault on the Capitol by his followers that has left him without a voice on social networks, abandoned by a growing sector of his party, repudiated by his business partners and about to be tried for the second time in Congress.

Days ago moving trucks swarm through the White House, turned into a desolate wasteland three days after the presidential relay. Nine out of ten advisers have already put land in between, according to ‘Axios’. The economic advisor Larry Kudlow said goodbye to the applause of his team, while Commerce, Peter Navarro, he was leaving taking with him a portrait in which Trump shoots an intimidating look at the Chinese president. “It is being very traumatic“One of the White House advisers told The Wall Street Journal. “People are praying that the inauguration comes and Trump disappears from the map once.”

Engrossed in front of the tv

It is said that the president is pissed off and resentful, taciturn and regretful by the turn that events took hours after he incited his followers to march to the Capitol that fateful January 6. Although Trump promised to accompany them, he followed the attack on Congress glued to the television, completely absorbed in the images and paralyzed for hourswhile the leaders of his party called Ivanka Trump O Jared Kushner to beg them to intercede with the president to stop this madness. It took him no less than six hours to ask his people to go home “in peace.”

“It took him a while to understand the seriousness of the situation”Said the senator Lindsey Graham. “The president saw those people as allies on his way, who shared the idea of election theft”. Since then everything has fallen apart like a house of cards. His advisers recommended that he spend the last days of his presidency traveling the country to highlight the achievements of his mandate, but with the exception of one trip to texas To talk about the wall, Trump has remained locked in his castle like a jilted princess. Increasingly concerned about his attorneys’ warnings regarding the future of your business emporium and the legal threat looming over his post-presidency.

Hunger for revenge

But also wanting revenge. After a dozen Republicans endorsed this second ‘impeachment’ to judge him politically for “Incitement to insurrection”, took note of their names, wanted to know if he had ever done them a favor and asked his advisers if they had already thought about which candidates could challenge them for the seat in the next elections, according to ‘CNN’. He also loudly settled the insinuations from those close to him to resign, how did you Nixon in his day.

From his surroundings it is said that Trump will not leave the White House until Wednesday morning, hours before Joe Biden take possession of the presidency in a ceremony with hardly any public on the steps of Congress, completely shielded from the threat that Trumpism will repeat the altercations of almost two weeks ago. The Republican has already said that will not attend the investiture and he has not even promised to write a farewell letter for his successor, as is formal.

Pardons in sight

It may interest you

The whole debate now seems to focus on the grace measures that he prepares as a farewell: a hundred pardons and commutations of sentences, according to various sources. Trump is exploring the possibility of legally shield yourself and his family, but the final decision is still a mystery. In these years his hand has not trembled to forgive his closest circle which, as in the best mafia families, has ended up in jail. Since Paul Manafort a Michael Flynn, Roger Stone O Charles Kushner, the father of his son-in-law. It is not ruled out now that it does the same with Steve Bannon, the great ideologue of Trumpism, who faces a three-year prison sentence for defrauding donors who financed a private initiative to build the wall on the border of Mexico.

After leaving Washington, Trump will settle in his residence in Mar-A-Lago in Florida to ruminate on your next steps. Millions of Americans continue to support him blindly, but without a loudspeaker to address the world or the pulpit at his disposal in the White House, it is very likely that he will become even more radical to get attention and maintain a minimum of prominence.


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