Trump officially notifies Congress that the US is leaving the WHO

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He United States Congress has received this Tuesday the official notification that the president Donald Trump has officially withdrawn the country from the World Health Organization (WHO) amid the pandemic of the covid-19Senator has announced Bob Menendez through your Twitter account.

Senator Menendez has harshly criticized that the leader, in the midst of a pandemic, has decided to leave the organization to which he has belonged since its founding in 1948. “To say that Trump’s response to Covid is chaotic and inconsistent is an understatement. it will not protect the lives or interests of Americans. And it only leaves sick Americans and the United States alone. “

The US president, who since the start of the pandemic has accused the WHO of “covering up the spread of the coronavirus,” froze the economic contributions that the US made to that body. And a few days later, on May 18, he already threatened to leave the agency or leave him permanently without the funds his country contributed unless he promised to “make substantial improvements in the next 30 days.” Some improvements that he did not specify.

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