Trump on crusade to overthrow Michigan results

More than ten days after the announcement of the victory of Democrat Joe Biden, Donald Trump does not budge: the presidential election is “rigged”, and it is in truth he who won the ballot. While many of the appeals initiated are rejected by the courts (or withdrawn by the Republicans themselves), the president’s legal efforts have partly turned to Michigan, won by Biden: according to several major American media this Thursday, November 19, he invited representatives of that state to the White House.

According to the Associated Press, which quotes two people familiar with the matter speaking on condition of anonymity, the president invited the Republican leader of the Michigan Senate, Mike Shirkey, and the president of the State House of Representatives, Lee Chatfield.

“Trump opens an extremely dangerous period”

If the reason for this meeting and the exact number of Republican representatives invited have not been specified, le « New York Times » recalls that members of the Trump team ensure that partisan states could send, under certain scenarios, pro-Trump delegations to the electoral college in order to bypass the popular vote that elected Biden, even though he has a ahead of more than 150,000 votes over Donald Trump.

Mike Shirkey and Lee Chatfield, however, have already indicated that they will not try to reverse Biden’s victory, the agency said.

“Michigan law does not include a possibility for the legislature to directly select voters or to assign voters to anyone other than the one who received the most votes,” the spokesperson for the Republican Senate leader said last week.

About-face of election officials in Detroit

The invitation comes after a series of twists and turns in the state, where Republican election officials refused for several hours on Tuesday to validate the votes cast in the county including the city of Detroit, where the black population is in the majority and votes largely Democratic.

If they gave in in the face of a vast sling, this standoff was seen as an unprecedented attack on the counting operations.

FOLDER. Those crazy Trump years

However, on Wednesday evening, they turned around: they finally wanted to go back. In the meantime, “I got a call from President Trump”, one of the two, Monica Palmer, told the « Washington Post ». “It wasn’t pressure, he was worried about my safety”, she added.

According to a representative of the Michigan Secretary of State to the newspaper, they cannot however withdraw their vote: the case is now in the hands of the authorities having to certify the result at the state level.

The legal battle continues laboriously

For his part, Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani is continuing his campaign in the country’s courts, without success so far. Despite the efforts of the president’s allies, time is on their side: States have started to certify their results in view of the December 14 deadline, when the big voters will meet to vote formally for one or the other. presidential candidates.

How far can Trump’s legal battle go?

Georgia is still the center of attention as it is currently carrying out a manual recount of the five million votes cast, the result of which is extremely close. If the discovery of unaccounted ballots has revitalized Donald Trump’s accusations of fraud, the recount should however confirm the victory of Joe Biden, according to one of the Republican elected officials in charge of overseeing electoral operations. “From what we can see, President Trump always seems to be a little behind”, more than 12,000 votes behind, he told Fox News.

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