world Trump: peak death toll in US in 2 weeks...

Trump: peak death toll in US in 2 weeks Abroad


“The models estimate that the spike in the death rate is likely to be in two weeks,” Trump said. “Therefore, we will extend our guidelines until April 30 to delay dissemination. It is very important that everyone adheres strictly to the guidelines. ”

The President expects the country to be “on the road to recovery” around June 1. Earlier, he hoped the worst would be over by Easter. He received a lot of criticism for that intention, because it would be too fast. US media has accused Trump of putting the economy above the corona crisis. “Nothing is worse than declaring the victory before the victory is achieved,” Trump said last night.


Trump said there will be an “important” announcement on Tuesday regarding the government’s plans and strategy for the future. “On Tuesday we will finalize these plans and provide a summary of our findings, supporting data and strategy to the American people.”

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