Trump presses secretary of state to ‘find voices’: what we know

Tuesday January 5 will be held very important senatorial elections in the USA. The stake will be to know if Joe Biden will have the Senate with him, and therefore, if he will be able to carry out his policy.

Nonetheless, Donald Trump got the upper hand with a mind-boggling phone conversation, unveiled by the Washington Post. A conversation lasting nearly an hour that took place on Saturday January 2. On the phone, Donald Trump, and on the other end of the phone, Brad Raffensperger, Georgia’s Secretary of State. As such, he is in charge of the smooth running of the elections. Note that he is a Republican.

In this conversation, the president simply asks to arrange with the numbers so that he is declared the winner. Because it is impossible that he lost the elections.
Here are some excerpts: “It’s okay to say you have recalculated”, or, “So, what do we do Brad. Me, all I want is to find 11,780 ballots.”

Mr. President I think your numbers are wrong

Brad Raffensperger, Secretary of State of Georgia

Why 11,780? Because Joe Biden won in Georgia with 11,779 votes. Donald Trump just wants one more vote to be declared the winner. However, being declared the winner in Georgia would not be enough for him to be ahead of Joe Biden in terms of large voters. The qualifiers pour in after these revelations: hallucinating, incredible … It is also anti-democratic. Donald Trump did not react.

For his part, his interlocutor Brad Raffensperger, who was with his lawyer at the time of the conversation, does not disassemble. For example, he retorted: “Mr. President, I think your figures are wrong” or even: “I think Mr. President we had a fair election”. Georgia’s Secretary of State remains on his position, that of the law. He follows in this the governor of the State who had also validated the result. Donald Trump had stated about him that he was ashamed to have supported him.

Republican elected officials under pressure. One of them, Brian Sterling held a press conference a few weeks ago. He was talking about pressure on many elected officials. “Too much is enough, it has to stop, someone is going to be hurt, someone is going to be killed”, he said then. By leaking this conversation, Brad Raffensperger him, openly confronts Donald Trump. Admittedly the latter is less and less supported politically, however, he still has many supporters in the country.

Donald Trump’s last resort

This affair comes at the start of a busy week, with two crucial political deadlines. The first tomorrow, with senatorial elections in Georgia. Moreover, in his telephone conversation, he says that Republican voters are not going to mobilize after what we “did to the president”.

Two senator positions remain to be filled. Quickly since we will have the opportunity to come back to it, either the Democrats win both duels and Joe Biden will have a Democratic-majority Senate. Either the Republicans win one of the two duels and the Senate remains with a Republican majority, which will be much more complicated to govern. Proof of the importance of this election: Joe Biden and Donald Trump will be meeting in Georgia later.

Another day to remember on your American agendas, Wednesday in Washington the Congress will meet to validate Joe Biden’s victory. From a constitutional point of view, there is no chance that the result will not be confirmed. Nevertheless, Donald Trump has still planned an appeal and some Republican senators will follow him. Mostly, he called on his supporters to demonstrate at the same time. Among them, far-right activists said they would respond. Thus, we are heading for a few dense days.

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