Trump puts sticks in Biden’s wheels

The American president, who would have even considered a military strike, decided to harden Washington’s position vis-à-vis Tehran. This further complicates the return to the Iranian nuclear agreement desired by his successor Joe Biden, observes the New York Times.

Draw a line on Donald Trump’s Iranian policy? “It’s easier said than done”, announce it New York Times. Joe Biden has vowed to act quickly to join the nuclear deal with Iran signed in 2015. “If Tehran respects its commitments”. But go back to the previous situation “May be impossible”, indicates the New York daily.

The promise of the new American president satisfies the other signatories of the agreement, “Who were furious that Donald Trump got out of it two years ago”. But it risks encountering complications linked to the political context in Iran and the United States.

Trump, who remains president in office until January 20 and sacked his Defense Minister Mark Esper on November 9, has indeed taken action to strengthen US sanctions against Iran and sell advanced weapons to regional enemies of Tehran. “Measures on



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