Trump refuses to sign the corona aid package

Dhe outgoing American President Donald Trump has refused to sign the aid package against the corona crisis passed by Congress. He called the bill on Tuesday a shame and called for changes to the $ 900 billion stimulus package that Democrats and Republicans had agreed on.

In a video address broadcast on Twitter, Trump described the sum of $ 600 to be paid out to all citizens below an annual income limit as “ridiculous”. He called for at least $ 2,000 in direct payments instead.

“Americans only get the bare minimum”

Trump complained that the stimulus package also included aid payments to countries like Cambodia and Egypt. “Congress raised a lot of money for other countries, while Americans received only the bare minimum,” said Trump.

The stimulus package was passed on Monday after months of wrangling between Republicans and Democrats. The White House had previously announced that the president also supported the package and wanted to sign it, according to a spokesman. The bill is the second largest government cash injection after $ 2.3 trillion in aid passed in March. The United States is the country hardest hit by the pandemic.


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