Trump shares manipulated video of Biden with ‘Despacito’ replaced with ‘Fuck tha police’

Joe Biden campaigning in Florida on September 15, 2020. – Patrick Semansky / AP / SIPA

Donald Trump is doing it again. After sharing a video of Nancy Pelosi in slow motion to make it look like she was drunk, the US president retweeted a clip of Joe Biden that replaced the song Slowly from the original video by Fuck tha police. Twitter has flagged it as “manipulated media” but has not removed it, as the company must play the tightrope to determine what amounts to parody or misinformation.

In the countryside in Florida, where he is neck and neck with Donald Trump, Joe Biden played Slowly on his phone after being introduced to voters by Luis Fonsi. Nodding to the beat of the music, Joe Biden smiles and says, “Ah, if I had the talent of these people, I would be elected president by acclamation. “

Internet users trapped

The United Spot, a pro-Trump account, replaced the soundtrack with Fuck tha Police of NWA, writing, “Joe Biden has something to say, and it’s not good.” Donald Trump then retweeted the message, asking, “What is this? “.

In the comments, many netizens initially believed it was an authentic video – there is no visual way of knowing that it was manipulated. With his label, Twitter however refers to the original video.

Police funding, a crucial issue in the suburbs

For Donald Trump, this act is far from anecdotal. While demonstrations against racism and police violence have at times degenerated into riots, especially in Kenosha and Portland, the US president poses as a defender of law and order and accuses Joe Biden of supporting the “ definancing de la police » (defund the police).

According to a Sierra College survey for the New York Times, in four crucial states (Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire and Wisconsin), voters have indicated that addressing the insecurity problem is as important as fighting the coronavirus. The poorly educated white population (Bac + 2 or less) is more concerned about law and order than not the Covid (55% against 38%). As explained to 20 Minutes researcher Omar Wasow last June: “If the main concern of voters is not the coronavirus but insecurity, Donald Trump will be in a strong position to mobilize his base.” And each tweet helps shape its narrative thread.

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