Trump supporters protest in Washington against alleged fraud | USA elections

Washington this Saturday received thousands of Trumpists who traveled long distances to support the US president and echo accusations without evidence of electoral fraud. The US capital, which a week ago took to the streets en masse to celebrate the triumph of Joe Biden, has witnessed the other side of America, the one that refuses to concede victory to the Democrat. Donald Trump he made a brief appearance around ten o’clock in the morning, almost two hours before the convocation in the heart of the city. From his official car, the Republican president greeted his bases with a smile and then headed to his golf club in the suburbs of Virginia.

“Four more years! Four more years!” Shouted the supporters of the outgoing president, most of them without masks. The banners demanded “Stop the fraud” and that “the legal votes” be counted. In Washington capital the 90% voted for Biden. Overall, you see few red hats from Make America Great Again (MAGA, for its acronym in English) on the street and in the four years of the Trump Administration, not a massive demonstration has been called in favor of the president. But this Saturday the city completely changed its face. There were no shirts with the slogan Black lives matter no masks of Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, as is often the case at demonstrations in Washington. American flags, military pants and even cowboy hats reigned.

Trump tweeted that “hundreds of thousands of people” had shown support for him this Saturday and said they were not going to lend themselves to “A rigged and corrupt election!” Hours before and from her personal Twitter account, White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany celebrated “one million attendees.” However, the estimates of the main local media speak of “a couple of thousand” protesters. The Park Service authorization was for an event of 10,000 attendees.

Dozens of Proud Boys members, a far-right group that the FBI links to white nationalism and misogyny, traveled to the capital. Trump had told them in a televised debate to stay alert, waiting. “Back off and wait,” Trump said of the extremist group when Biden called on him to condemn them. They did not want to make statements to the press, but they made themselves heard when they chanted at the top of their lungs through the downtown streets “Fuck the Antifa.” Among those who marched to the Capitol was Alex Jones, conductor de Infowars. The announcer has been propagating the most toxic theories of the far right from the United States and has been banned on YouTube, Apple, Facebook and Spotify.

Mary, 57, traveled from northern Virginia because, she explained, “no one understands what is happening, at least none of us who follow Trump.” She criticizes the “witch hunt” of the Russian plot and the “stupid ” process of impeachment. He uses exactly the same language as the Republican president. A Venezuelan celebrated the second amendment, which defends the right to have and bear arms, through a megaphone, and the thousands of Trumpists exploded in shouts of joy. Visible weapons are prohibited in Washington, but the protesters managed. Some wear T-shirts with printed submachine guns and there was one that covered the back with an American flag where instead of stars there were pistols.

This Friday, ten days after the elections, the projections yielded a final result of 306 electoral votes for Biden (well above the 270 required to win the elections) and 232 for Trump. The legal battle led by the Republican is not bearing fruit. Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona have reduced the hopes of the US president by ending their lawsuits for lack of evidence. Wlliam Melhem, 53, traveled from Pennsylvania for the first time to the capital. “It is not fair what is happening, but I think it is already done, however it is important that we manifest ourselves so that they know that we do not agree,” he explains. “They may never be able to prove [el fraude], but we are going to do what we have to do ”.

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