Trump threatens military on the street if protests continue. “I am your president of law and order” – News

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After the press conference, the American President walked to the Episcopal Church of São João, located near the White House, which was degraded in the wake of acts of vandalism on the sidelines of the protests against racism the night before. Arriving at the so-called ‘church of presidents’, where a fire broke out on Sunday night, Trump grabbed a Bible and said the United States is “a great country”.

It was then that the president, according to the New York Times (NYT), said that he feels “disgusted” by the death of George Floyd, but that he cannot accept the violence of the protests. “These were acts of terror, destruction of a peaceful life and bloodshed against humanity,” he said.

Authorities’ shots at protesters, who have taken to the streets across the country following the death of African-American citizen George Floyd due to police action, were audible over Donald Trump’s nearly 16-minute speech. , broadcast on the White House page on the social network Twitter.

Trump explained that, “in the past few days, the nation has been seized by anarchists” and “violent crowds”, having announced “immediate presidential actions to stop violence and restore security” in the country.

“I will mobilize all available federal resources, civil and military, to stop the riots and looting […], and protect the Americans who obey the rules, “continued Trump.

George Floyd, a 46-year-old African American, died on the night of May 25 in Minneapolis, after a violent police intervention, whose images were disseminated over the internet.

Since then, several American cities, including Washington and New York, have been the scene of demonstrations, with protests often resulting in clashes with the police, with at least three deaths.

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