Trump threatens to permanently freeze funds to WHO

The president of United States, Donald trump, has informed the director general of the World Health Organization (who), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, that the North American country will make the freezing of funds permanent to the organization and “reconsider” its membership in it in 30 days if you do not make “substantial improvements” in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I inform you that if the WHO does not carry out significant substantial improvements in the next 30 days“I will make my temporary freeze on US funding for WHO permanent and reconsider our membership in the organization,” Trump said in a letter to Tedros, which he released through his Twitter account. “I cannot allow the taxes of the Americans to continue financing an organization that, in its present state, clearly does not serve the interests of the United States”, has added.

Through the letter, Trump has specified that, in his opinion, WHO has failed in response that you have provided to the Covid-19 and have highlighted the «alarming lack of independence »of the United Nations body with respect to China, country in which the new coronavirus originated. “It is clear that his repeated missteps and those of his organization responding to the pandemic have been extremely costly to the world,” said the US president in the letter, which shows a chronology of the actions carried out by the WHO since December 2019.

“The only way the WHO can move forward is if, in fact, they demonstrate independence from China,” he added, before warning that “action is needed quickly.” “We have no time to lose,” he asserted. In this context, the American President has accused the WHO of “ignoring” the “credible” reports that pointed to the spread of the coronavirus in Wuhan in early December of 2019 “or even earlier”, including reports in the medical journal ‘The Lancet’.

Regarding the person-to-person transmission, Trump has criticized that the Taiwanese authorities informed the WHO of the transmission on December 31, but, “The WHO chose not to share any of this critical information with the rest of the world, probably for reasons policies ».

In reference to China, Trump has rejected that the authorities of the Asian country “did not inform” the WHO of the public health risk in the period marked by the International Health Regulations, 24 hours, and did not do so until December 31 , according to the letter, which consists of four pages.

“Misleading and inaccurate” claims

On the other hand, the US president has assured that the WHO has made “repeatedly” statements about the coronavirus that were “grossly inaccurate or misleading.” He has exemplified his words with which, for example, eOn January 21, Chinese President Xi Jinping “reportedly pressured” Tedros not to “declare the coronavirus outbreak an emergency”. According to Trump, Tedros, the next day “told the world that the coronavirus was not posing a public health emergency of international concern.”

The President of the United States has also criticized that Tedros “failed” in trying to get China to admit receiving an international committee of WHO medical experts in the country. “As a result, this critical team did not arrive in China until February 16 … and even later the team was not allowed to visit Wuhan until the last days of their visit.” “Remarkably, the WHO was silent when China denied the two American team members full access to Wuhan,” adds Trump.

“Throughout the crisis, the WHO has curiously insisted on praising China for its transparency,” said the US president, who was very tough in stating that, When WHO “finally” declared the virus a pandemic on March 11, “it had already killed more than 4,000 people and infected more than 100,000 in 114 countries around the world”.

The Donald Trump Administration has been especially critical of China’s influence on WHO and the organization’s role in the Covid-19 pandemic. In mid-April, Trump announced his decision to suspend funding to WHO while accusing the organization of a “cover-up” of the coronavirus.

This Monday, the US Secretary of Health, Alex Azar, has taken advantage of his participation in the World Assembly of the agency dependent on the United Nations to accuse the organization and China of lack of transparency about the coronavirus. For his part, Xi defended the management of the pandemic carried out both by his country and by the UN agency at the beginning of the meeting, and stressed that Beijing has done “everything in his power” to help other countries to face the crisis.

Beijing accuses Trump of using China to “evade its obligations”

The Chinese government accused President Donald Trump on Tuesday of using China to “evade its obligations” to the WHO after the president threatened to indefinitely freeze funding for that UN agency.

Trump, who also said he will withdraw his country from the WHO if he did not demonstrate independence from Beijing, aims to “smear China” and “sidestep its international obligations” with the organization, Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao said. Lijian.


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