Trump uses Elections Canada to back up fraud charges

US President Donald Trump used a tweet from Elections Canada on Tuesday to substantiate his accusations that numerous frauds cost him victory in the November 3 election.

For several days now, Mr. Trump has been attacking Dominion’s electronic voting systems, alleging without evidence that they helped to cast votes in his favor.

On Monday, Elections Canada saw fit to make an update north of the border. “Elections Canada does not use Dominion voting systems, but rather paper ballots, which are counted by hand in front of candidate representatives. In 100 years, the organization has never used a voting machine or a vote counting machine, ”the organization wrote on Twitter.

The president took over this outing on his own. “THAT SAYS IT ALL,” he cried in block letters, while sharing the Elections Canada tweet late Tuesday afternoon.

Hours before using Elections Canada to try to bolster the credibility of his fraud allegations, Donald Trump sacked the director of the cybersecurity and infrastructure security agency, which oversaw the conduct of the poll.

The latter categorically rejected the president’s allegations of fraud, going so far as to ensure that the November 3 election was “the safest in the history of the United States“, to the chagrin of the one who remained his boss until then. ‘at the transition of power to Democrat Joe Biden in January.

Recall that Joe Biden won the presidential election by narrow margins in several states, notably driven by the postal vote. This voting technique had been decried beforehand by Donald Trump for months, he who considers it responsible for “massive” electoral fraud.

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