Trump wants more patriotism in US schools

What is education for patriotism? Would it be a good thing to raise children and young people in this way? To love your country and its constitution? It depends on. On the means. On the constitution. On whether contradictions are tolerated, freedom of thought is taught and whether patriotism – love – can be distinguished from nationalism – hatred – at the beginning of the effort and at its end.

The incumbent American president has announced that he will set up a commission to ensure “patriotic school lessons”. His goal, stated in a speech on the occasion of the White House Conference on American History a few days ago: to prevent supposedly “left indoctrination”, which he equated with “child abuse”, in schools and universities and above all to teach growing Americans why you are Country is great. Far too much is said in the classrooms about slavery and its legacy in supposedly systemic racism, the children are fed with “hateful lies” about their country, and the political opponent, the Democrats, take part.


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