Trump wants to be heard, Biden doesn’t want to say his name anymore

Donald Trump has resumed his invectives from Florida in an attempt to remain at the center of the political game. Joe Biden, he insists that it is time to forget “the old guy“and move on.

For four years, the only subject has been Trump. For the next four years, I want to make sure the focus is on Americans“.

Picking up a theme repeated over and over in the countryside and since coming to power, the American president on Wednesday evening underlined in a chiseled formula his wish that his predecessor no longer be at the heart of all conversations, in Washington as through the United States.

True to his habit, he made an effort, during an exchange with voters organized by CNN in Wisconsin, not to mention his name. And, in this desire to turn the page, he also tried to change the terms of the debate.

What concrete decisions does he intend to take to bring together a deeply divided country?

I don’t agree with what is being said about the division“, he replied.”The country is not divided“, he continued, a formula which has aroused strong reactions as the past months have highlighted a gaping divide within American society.

There are extremes on both sides, but we are not as divided as we suggest“, he continued.

Proof according to him that it is possible to collect? “My Covid plan, 69% of Americans support it“, he said.

The 46th president, who presented a $ 1.9 trillion bailout for the economy, initially hoped to bring together Republicans and Democrats in the name of the national emergency in the face of the pandemic. But Republican congressmen did not follow him.

Faced with this situation, the White House has been repeating for several days a single message: Joe Biden may not be able to obtain a large majority in Congress, but he is in a position to win the support of a large part of the Americans.

Do not pronounce his name

A few hours before the start of this “Town Hall“In a very consensual tone, Donald Trump, rather discreet since his departure from power, recalled with a bang that, even reclusive in his club in Florida, he did not intend to disappear from the American political landscape.

In an extremely menacing tone, he attacked Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell: “Mitch is a sullen, brooding politician who never smiles and if Republican Senators stay with him they won’t win anymore“.

The latter voted for the acquittal of Donald Trump because he felt that the Senate was not competent to judge a former president. But in the process, he declared the latter “responsible“of the assault.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who was very close to Trump for four years, admitted on Fox News that this open war bodes very badly for the “Grand Old Party“.

Mitch McConnell, when working with Donald Trump, did a fantastic job“, he estimated.”Today, they are scarce. I’m more worried about 2022 (midterm elections) than I’ve ever been“.

Joe Biden has at no time commented on the setbacks of his opponents. But, referring to his new life as president, he briefly alluded to his relationship with his five surviving predecessors.

They all called me, with one exception“, he said, amused.

Jimmy Carter? George W. Bush? Bill Clinton? Barack Obama? Donald Trump? The identity of the person who did not pick up his phone is not in doubt.

But Joe Biden didn’t quote it.

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