Trump wants to cut funding to “lawless” states and cities that tolerate protests

In an extraordinary act, President Trump has signed a memorandum threatening to cut funding to cities with Democratic governments, characterized by the White House as “lawless jurisdictions” and “anarchists.” The document, a new exercise of legal futility against his political opponents that further perverts the figure of the presidency, calls on the attorney general, William Barr, to create a list of territories that “have allowed” violence and the destruction of property ” and have refused »to take measures to counteract them.

In addition, he instructs Budget Director Russell Vought to create a guide over the next month on how federal agencies can restrict federal grants to “anarchist jurisdictions.” The five-page report, in the form of a ‘campaign press release’, includes a lengthy tirade, rare in official legal documents, and specifically names Portland, New York, Seattle and Washington DC as examples of jurisdictions that could lose funds. federal.

Since Congress alone has the power to allocate these items and federal agencies cannot voluntarily restrict them, it is unlikely to cause a significant loss of money in any of those cities. In response to the president’s threat, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said this is “an illegal stunt,” and that Trump “is not a king” and cannot “defund” New York. In a tone of personal defiance, Cuomo designated the president as a “persona non-grata” in New York and that, if he set foot in the city – Trump’s birthplace, in Queens – “he’d better lead an army if he thinks he can walk.” freely for her.

The practice of trying to cut funding to states or cities run by Democrats, or simply unruly to presidential policies, has been the trademark of the Trump Administration, which has frequently obstructed federal aid even in times of emergency like hurricanes, fires or the Covid-19 pandemic.

Just two months before the general elections, his campaign, pressured by the low electoral results, manages an aggressive new strategy in which, on the one hand, he encourages the violence of his supporters to create scenarios of chaos, and on the other, allows him to rise as the ultimate defender of law and order. In between, he holds Joe Biden and Democrats responsible for the violence.

In any case, some of your excesses, which climb the scale as the elections approach, are about to cost you dearly. Trump tried this Thursday to clarify the comments in which he encouraged citizens to vote twice, once by mail and once in person; something that is not only illegal, but in many states constitutes a serious crime, as in North Carolina itself, where the president made his remarks during his visit on Wednesday.


Via Twitter, the Republican leader clarified that it was about urging voters by mail to do a physical follow-up at their voting center to ensure that their previously sent ballot is counted. So serious and unusual was the comment that the North Carolina Board of Elections was forced to make a public statement reminding voters that it is illegal to vote twice. And the White House, for its part, had to insist on the same idea.

In response to the confusion, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden accused Trump of “trying to delegitimize” the November election results and urged people to vote as soon as possible. The candidate visited the city of Kenosha on Thursday and he and his wife met privately with Jacob Blake’s father, as well as other members of the family. Blake’s mother, Julia Jackson, and the family’s attorney, Benjamin Crump, participated in the meeting by phone.

The interview took place just two weeks after a white police officer shot the African-American in the back in front of his young children. Blake, 29, remains hospitalized in serious condition.

Biden bets on blaming the police when there are abuses

Biden, who has a long history of supporting law enforcement, has updated his position on police abuse in recent months. considers that, at a minimum, officers should be indicted with charges to allow a fair judicial process when they are involved in these types of events. The Democratic candidate took advantage of his visit to Kenosha on Thursday to meet with community leaders and seek solutions to the violence. Last Tuesday, Donald Trump was also in the town, in his case to support the police forces, highly criticized after the shooting of Jacob Blake.


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