Trump warns that his attempts to remain in office “are not over”

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, will remember this day for the rest of his life. This Monday, the 538 delegates of the Electoral College meet to proclaim Joe Biden as the new president. However, most of the states already certified their results in the presidential elections on November 3 on Tuesday, a step that cements the victory of the Democrat and that hinders any legal challenge from the still Republican leader.

In reality, it arrives very weakened at confirmation after the The nine Supreme Court justices hit him this weekend when they rejected the complaint from the Texas Attorney General that it tried to annul the electoral results in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The lawsuit, backed by Trump himself and more than a hundred Republican congressmen and prosecutors, was practically the last cartridge of the still president to try to reverse the results of the elections: had it been successful, they would have provided him with 62 Electoral College votes, enough to retain office.

Even so, Everything indicates that the tenant of the White House will only admit a defeat in the manner of General Custer. With your boots on. This Sunday, in an interview on the Fox network, he assured that his strategy to retain the presidency “has not ended” and that your intention is to “keep moving forward” in your efforts to prevent Joe Biden from coming to the Oval Office. “We have numerous local (court) cases. We are in some of the States that manipulated and robbed us, “he argued, not without acknowledging that” we have little time. “I don’t want to talk about it,” he added when asked if he will attend Biden’s inauguration in January.

Riots and ten injured

Apart from the republican leader, his personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, and his former campaign legal counsel, Jenna Ellis, have insisted that, “despite attempts by the media to desperately proclaim that the fight is over, we We will continue to defend the integrity of the elections until legal votes are counted fairly and precise ».

its The argument is that early and mail voting promoted in some states to avoid the risks of the covid-19 pandemic would have allowed the introduction of illegal ballots, a thesis for which no investigator or court has found evidence of fraud. A large group of Republican officials also accompanies Trump in this peculiar crusade and some in Texas asked this weekend to create a union of states of their own, outside the country that Biden will lead when he receives the keys to the White House on January 20. From that day on, companies like Facebook and Twitter will also transfer the presidential accounts of social networks to his name.

It should be remembered that in the US the president is not selected by popular vote, but by an indirect system: the Citizens elect the Electoral College delegates who represent them and whose number varies depending on each state. Biden won in territories that assign 306 delegates (or votes), while Trump accumulated 232. This Monday, said body must certify the Democrat as the new leader in a formal act prior to the January inauguration.

In the meantime, the atmosphere in the streets is tense. A thousand of defenders of the republican returned to protest this weekend for the “fraud” in Washington and there were riots due to various clashes with members of the Black Lives Matter movement and between far-right and left-wing groups Proud Boys and Antifa. The incidents caused ten injuries, including two police officers whose lives are not in danger and four citizens in critical condition due to injuries with a knife.


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