Trump withdraws part of electoral lawsuit in Pennsylvania | News

The campaign team of the president of the United States, Donald Trump withdrew this Sunday a large part of an electoral demand imposed on the state of Pennsylvania, with the aim of avoiding the certification of the electoral results of the November 3 votes.


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The president assures that the constitution was violated, referring to the term “unconstitutional” in his most recent posts on Twitter.

His campaign team highlighted errors, deficiencies, illegalities and incompetencies on the ballot in states like Pennsylvania and Michigan, without providing any real evidence about them.

Pennsylvania counties received more than 2.6 million votes by mail, and top election and prosecutorial officials have not reported fraud.

On the other hand, the tenant of the White House rushes his agenda that must end on January 20. With which, it tries to impose more sanctions on Iran and thus prevent the reincorporation of the United States to the nuclear treaty the Islamic Republic, a desire already expressed by the newly elected president of the United States for the next four-year term, Joe Biden.

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