Trump’s challenger Nikki Haley faces fateful election in her home state

On Saturday, South Carolina will vote on who they prefer as the Republican presidential candidate ahead of the fall election.

In recent weeks, Donald Trump has defeated Haley in the primaries in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada. And there are many indications that the residents of South Carolina are going the same way – despite Nikki Haley being governor of the state.

Opinion polls lean heavily in Trump’s favor. Over 60 percent of Republican voters prefer him as the party’s nominee, reports CNN.

Pressing the age question

During a campaign rally in South Carolina earlier this week, Haley addressed the question of her continued participation in the primary, saying: “Some of you in the media probably came here today to see if I’m dropping out. I do not.”

52-year-old Nikki Haley, who previously served under Donald Trump as the United States’ UN ambassador, has criticized both Trump’s and President Joe Biden’s old age during her campaign. Among other things, she has advocated for mandatory tests of politicians older than 75 to determine the mental capacity. Trump, for his part, often refers to Nikki Haley as “chicken brain”.

50 delegates at stake

Although Trump is expected to win in South Carolina, the primary is still undecided. It will take 1,215 delegates to secure the Republican nomination, and only 50 delegates are up for grabs in South Carolina.

In parallel with the primaries, several legal processes against Donald Trump are underway, something that so far does not seem to shake the support for the ex-president among Republicans.

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