Trump’s lawyer fades in full press conference

If you dye your hair, you have to be careful. There are factors that can play tricks on you. One of them is sweat, a reaction that we cannot foresee and that can turn our forehead and head into a kind of abstract painting. And if not, let them tell Rudy Giuliani (76 years old), Donald Trump’s personal lawyer and former mayor of New York, who in the midst of a complicated press conference in which he had to defend the illegitimacy of the vote count in Joe Biden’s victory in the North American elections, has begun to sweat. And of course, this has caused an image to say the least curious.

At the aforementioned press conference, Giuliani appears to warn about the alleged electoral fraud in the North American elections. Specifically, that the elections have been a fiasco due to the support of the Democrats from a corruption network in which the magnate George Soros, the Clinton Foundation and the Venezuelan Chavismo have participated. At one point, before Giuliani’s heated explanation, his hair begins to distill a fine black line of dye that runs through the two parts of his face. This is how his face looked after he started hyperventilating.

“We are going to clean up this mess. We are going to reclaim the United States of America for the people who have voted for freedom.”Giuliani said at the aforementioned press conference. The Republican team’s argument is that the counting system has not been transparent and there have been irregularities in this regard. However, they have not yet provided evidence to support this hypothesis.

Lately, Rudy Giuliani has not won much to disappointment. A few weeks ago, he was involved in a controversial scene in Sacha Baron Cohen’s film Borat 2, where he was tricked into being interviewed by the ‘daughter’ of the Kazakh ‘reporter’ and ended up in the hotel room amid suspicious images. Borat’s daughter takes the recording equipment from him, and everything seems to indicate that Giuliani is putting his hands over his genitals. Giuliani himself assured that he knew it was a ‘trolling’ by Cohen, who burst onto the scene exclaiming that the interviewer “is only 15 years old” and that “she is older for you” (the actress, Maria Bakalova, has 24 years).

Trump’s team still fails to legitimize the election result and everything seems to indicate that they will fight to the end to get a favorable ruling from the courts. It has become common for President Trump’s Twitter messages to be accompanied by a warning from the social network in which they explain that, despite Donald Trump’s conspiracy fraud speech, there is no evidence that the electoral process has been an scam, but has had all the democratic guarantees.

While this is happening, the coronavirus is hitting the North American country with force. Just yesterday the 250,000 deaths since the start of the pandemic and the 11.5 million infected, which represents about a fifth of the total cases worldwide. The situation is complicated by the imminent saturation of the hospitals and the climate of tension that is breathed after the electoral count.


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