Trump’s legal nightmare: Investigated in attempted electoral fraud, tax evasion

The storming of Congress, in which five people lost their lives, is just one of the issues that could cast a heavy shadow over Trump’s future.

Even though he was acquitted in the Senate Supreme Court case, Trump is no longer protected by the immunity granted by the presidency. The Republican minority leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, made this clear when the Supreme Court case was over.

– Still responsible

“President Trump is still responsible, as an ordinary citizen, for everything he did while in office until the cases are obsolete,” McConnell said.

Under U.S. law, the statute of limitations in federal cases is at least five years.

– He has not gotten away with anything – yet, stated McConnell, who believes that a regular courtroom is a more appropriate place to hold Trump accountable.

McConnell himself was among those who voted to acquit Trump in the Supreme Court case.

The District Attorney of the Columbia District, Karl Racine, has already made it known that the prosecution there is considering whether they can follow up the congressional storm by prosecuting Trump for statements that motivate violence.

Another case that could end up in court is Trump’s attempt to change Georgia’s state record in the presidential election in November last year. Georgia’s prosecutors recently launched an investigation into the telephone conversation in which Trump allegedly asked the state’s chief electoral officer, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, to “find” enough votes to win the election in Georgia.


In New York, the prosecution has begun investigating the circumstances surrounding loans of around 280 million dollars that the Trump Organization has received, writes The Wall Street Journal.

In addition, Trump is being investigated for tax evasion, for having paid big money to former mistresses and sexual harassment.

Several experts believe that Trump’s political career could be over if one of the many lawsuits ends up in court and he is found guilty.

– This is a big concern for him. It may be his biggest nightmare to be drawn into a specific investigation, says Professor Emeritus of North American Studies Erik Åsard at Uppsala University.

– His whole future can be affected by it. Above all, he has made it difficult for his own children to have any future in politics, says the professor, referring to his daughter Ivanka and son Donald Jr., who have both had prominent roles during Trump’s presidency.

– Love the spotlight

Trump’s own comment on the acquittal in the Supreme Court was that the journey towards making America “great” again has just begun.

Whether this means that the ex-president is betting on running in the next presidential election in the USA, something he has previously hinted at, one can only speculate, says Åsard.

– But if you look at his behavior from 2015 onwards, this is a man who loves to be in the spotlight, and he will try to get back to that, he says.

Trump still seems to have some grip on the Republican Party in the United States and its core voters and will probably be active in the upcoming primary elections, the professor believes.

– Our historic, patriotic and beautiful movement to make the United States great again has just begun. In the months ahead, I have a lot to share with you, Trump said after the acquittal.

But how long and how strongly Trump’s star will continue to shine in the political sky remains to be seen.


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