Trump's Navy SEAL reinstated, described by comrades as "damn bad," reveals leaked testimony

Mr. Gallagher was freed from the most serious allegations by a court martial in San Diego, California: Getty
Mr. Gallagher was freed from the most serious allegations by a court martial in San Diego, California: Getty

The Navy SEAL commander, who was charged with war crimes and recently hosted by Donald Trump in Mar-a-Lago, was described by fellow combatants as "toxic" and "damn evil".

Eddie Gallagher was acquitted of war crimes charges in the murder of a 17-year-old Isis prisoner, but was convicted of being put to death. He was downgraded by the military authorities to the intervention of Mr. Trump, who invited him to his Florida estate.

It has now become known that ex-colleagues of the man who once led Team 7 Alpha Platoon have described him in an alarming manner, according to investigators of war crimes New York Times,

Craig Miller, Special Operator First Class, said about Mr. Gallagher: "The guy is damn bad."

Another member of the train, Corey Scott, Special Operator First Class, said Gallagher was "perfectly fine killing someone on the move". Joshua Vriens, Special Operator First Class, told investigators, "The guy was toxic."

Mr. Gallagher's prosecution for suspected crimes in Iraq in 2017 was a painful episode for the Navy SEALs, one of the country's most famous combat equipment.

For some, the 40-year-old Gallagher had violated the acceptable despite the chaos and violence of warfare. For others, he was nothing short of a hero.

Mr. Trump, the nation's commander in chief, was very much in the second category. When the Navy tried to downgrade Mr. Gallagher and remove his Trident Pin, which was awarded to all qualified SEALs, the President intervened publicly.

In a November tweet, Trump wrote: "The Navy will NOT take Warfighter and Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher's Trident Pin away. This case was treated very badly from the start. Come back to business! "

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The New York Times The material it received contained thousands of text messages the SEALs had sent each other about the events and the charges. While Mr. Gallagher attacked his superiors in the Navy on Fox News, his train members have not publicly commented.

Mr. Miller said he felt compelled to pose with other U.S. fighters when they were standing over the body of one of the Isis prisoners when Mr. Gallagher grabbed his hair and held up a hunting knife.

"I think Eddie was proud of that and that was part of it for him," Miller told the investigators.

During the holidays, Mr. Trump hosted Mr. Gallagher in his Florida property.

Photos posted on the Instagram account, which Mr. Gallagher shares with his wife Andrea, showed the couple smiling next to Mr. Trump and First Lady Melania.

"Finally, we have to thank the President and his great wife by giving them a small gift from Eddie's mission in Mosul," said one post.

In November, Gallagher told Fox News of his indictment, “It's all about ego and retribution. This is not about order and discipline. "

Mr. Trump overturned Mr. Gallagher's punishment and restored his rank on November 15 when he granted grace to the SEAL and pardoned two officers. He intervened again later when the Navy tried to remove his pen. Mr. Gallagher retired on November 30th.

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The president tweeted: "He was treated very badly, but was completely relieved in all important cases."

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