Trump’s Senate Trial Coming Soon

The Democratic President of the House of Representatives will send Monday, January 25 to the Senate the article of impeachment voted against Donald Trump. The Republicans for their part asked for a delay to allow the former president to prepare. According to the American press, Donald Trump has already enlisted the services of a lawyer.

The contours of the impeachment trial of Donald Trump are becoming clearer. According to NBC News, the Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, will send to the Senate on Monday, January 25, an article of impeachment against former President Donald Trump, accused of having encouraged the riots of January 6 on Capitol Hill.

The trial could begin “as early as next week”, indicates the site of the American chain, but Mitch McConnell, leader of the Republicans in the Senate, now under Democratic control, proposed Thursday, January 21 to begin this trial in mid-February.

According to Wall Street Journal, Among other things, he explained that this delay would give Democrats and Trump’s defense team time to prepare.

McConnell said that given the “Serious factual, legal and constitutional issues” at stake since the indictment of the former US president by the House of Representatives on January 13, the proposed deadline would ensure “A complete and fair procedure”.

The Republican leader made the request on a day when Joe Biden’s call for unity “Already encountered a partisan dysfunction in the Senate”, observe the New York Times. On January 21, McConnell and Chuck Schumer, leader of the new Democratic majority in the Senate, could not agree on how “Whose power they were going to share”, and it was not known if Schumer would agree to delay Trump’s trial, adds the center-left daily.

42 senators determined to condemn Trump

For his part, the former president, installed in Florida since January 20, told his entourage that he had enlisted the services of a lawyer from South Carolina, Butch Bowers, to represent him at the trial, affirms it Wall Street Journal. According to the Conservative daily, several of the lawyers who represented Trump in his first Senate trial in February 2020 have said they have no intention of defending the billionaire a second time.

If the trial takes place, a two-thirds majority (a total of 67 senators out of 100) will be necessary to convict Donald Trump. And, according to Washington Post, which keeps an updated count of the voting intentions, 42 senators have the firm intention to vote a condemnation of the former president; 19 appear to be considering such an outcome, 28 are opposed and 11 have not made their position known.

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