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TRV first day trading 4.72 baht, rising above the reservation 105.22%

T.R.V. Rubber Products Public Company Limited or TRV Listed on the Market for Alternative Investment (mai) today (2 Dec. 2021) for the first day, opening the market at 4.72 baht per share, an increase of 2.42 baht or 105.22% from the subscription price of 2.30 baht per share.

TRV operates in the business of manufacturing and distributing molded rubber parts for use in 3 industries, namely automotive parts manufacturers. electrical appliance manufacturers and other groups such as agricultural machinery parts, rubber seals, water pipes, etc. In 2020, the Company’s revenue structure proportion is 44%: 55%: 1%, respectively.

The distribution channel will be direct sales to product manufacturers. which begins with a joint design and produce to deliver according to customer orders The company has been certified for quality management system standards. ISO 9001:2015

Accredited with quality management system standards for the automotive industry IATF 16949: 2016 and has been certified with environmental management system standards or ISO 14001:2015

TRV has a paid-up capital of 105.00 million baht, with a par value of 0.50 baht per share, consisting of 155.435 million existing ordinary shares and 54.565 million newly issued ordinary shares offered for sale.Initial Public Offering (IPO) Ordinary Shares

Divided into public offering of not more than 52.930 million shares, offered to the Company’s patrons in the amount of not more than 0.300 million shares, and offered to directors, executives and employees of the Company in the amount of not more than 1.335 million shares.

On 24-26 November 2021 at the offering price of 2.30 baht per share, equivalent tofundraising value 125.50 million baht and has a securities value at the IPO price of 483.00 million baht. The IPO price is calculated as a price-to-earnings per share ratio (P/E ratio) of 17.69 times.

by calculating net earnings per share from the performance of the last 4 quarters (1 Oct. 2020 – 30 Sep. 2021), which is equal to 27.90 million baht divided by the total number of shares after this offering (fully diluted) with a net profit per share of 0.13 baht

There is Pioneer Advisory Company Limited as a financial advisor. and Kingsford Securities Public Company Limited is the underwriter and underwriter.

Mr. Teerawut Nawamongkolchaikit, Chief Executive Officer of T.R.V. Rubber Products Public Company Limited, revealed that for more than 20 years, TRV has been committed to improving the quality of production and service for customer satisfaction. is important Management has been developed and improved to be able to coordinate to minimize production waste.

and to increase efficiency in cost management of the company by this fundraising will be used to fund the purchase of machinery repayment of loans to financial institutions and as working capital

In this regard, TRV hasMain shareholder structure after IPO Namely, the Nawamongkol Chaikit family holds 62.29% and the venture capital trust for SMEs going forward together 2 holds 11.73%.

the company hasDividend Policyto shareholders at the rate of not less than 40% of the net profit from the Company’s financial statements after deduction of corporate income tax and allocate various reserves All types as stipulated in the laws and regulations of the company.


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