Trying to do damage control, Kicillof “immediately” accepted the resignation presented by Insaurralde

2023-10-01 01:59:35

The volcanic situation in which Martín Insaurralde plunged Unión por la Patria this Saturday, just 24 hours before the first presidential debate and in the final stretch of the 10/22 elections, left no other path for the ruling party than to begin with the “control of damage” immediately. Thus this same Saturday the protagonist of the idyllic photos with the model Sofía Clerici changed the light blue of the Mediterranean for the black of his resignation from the head of the Buenos Aires Cabinet, and from La Plata the governor’s response Axel Kicillof was the immediate acceptance of that resignation.

“The governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, tonight immediately accepted the resignation of Martín Insaurralde from the position of head of the Cabinet of Ministers,” indicated a statement from the Government.

“The cessation of office was ratified by decree 2023-1815 and is effective as of today,” completed the official announcement, without even resorting to the formalities that are usually used for tasks provided.

Insaurralde in Marbella, photographed by Clerici, reflected in the glass of the luxury yacht rented in the Mediterranean.

In this way, Buenos Aires Peronism try to turn the page on the scandal as quickly as possible, while from tomorrow pollsters will surely begin to include the topic in their questionnaires, to measure how it impacted with a view to the general election. Even the matter is far from being closed, because this Monday legislators from Together for Change will take the matter to court, asking that the finances of Insaurralde be investigated, to see how it justifies the very high cost of that journey, in one of the most expensive and exclusive to Europe, not only with the boat rental, but with high-end gifts included, at least in Clerici’s photos.

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Insaurralde had detailed in his 2022 affidavit that I didn’t have accounts in dollars or euros, and he only claimed to have bank deposits for 600 thousand pesos, a situation that in view of the photos posted and later deleted by Sofía Clerici, forms a combo that perhaps not even the resignation of the official can conjure without splinters reaching Kicillof himself and even to the same candidacy Sergio Massa.

“As I do not want to be used to affect the political space in the electoral process, I presented my resignation today from the position of Chief of Staff of the Province”, had pointed out the still mayor of Lomas de Zamora, who still maintains his candidacy for councilor in that district. At least on that point there were no mentions, since Insaurralde only noted in his note that he was moving away from the functions in La Plata.

It should be remembered that Insaurralde had served as chief of the Cabinet of Ministers in the administration of Axel Kicillof since 2021, after the defeat of the ruling party in the legislative elections of that year, which implied a type of changes in an attempt to “relaunch” the provincial management.

Supported by Máximo Kirchner, and many times in a silent fight with the governor himself, Insaurralde arrived at that place after 12 years as mayor of Lomas de Zamora, a place that he kept on leave.

With the advance of the campaign towards the PASO, his name was heard several times as a potential candidate for governor, especially if Kicillof acceded to the pressure from Kirchnerism for Kicillof to jump to the national candidacy. But the provincial leader remained firm in seeking his re-election, and thus the possibility of Insaurralde staying with the Buenos Aires candidacy disappeared.

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