Tryo, twenty-five years of generosity in songs

“If you were born in an HLM city / I dedicate this poem to you …. Millions of French people hummed this beginning of The anthem of our campaigns, emblematic hito of Tryo who, for twenty-five years, has been walking from concerts to festivals his joyful and deep songs, optimistic and committed.

This anniversary, the four musicians, composers and performers of Tryo – Guizmo, Manu, Mali and Daniel -, celebrate it with the double album XXV, which resumes with their friends 20 of their songs. An intergenerational project organized like a family celebration, with its guest list. “We wanted to give ourselves a gift and make one to the public, explains Daniel, to bring together those who inspired us, those who have traveled with us and the new generation. ”

“The child of Marley and Brassens”

The flower of French song joined Tryo in this unifying project. ” It’s like a big party where we find our whole family, rejoices Christophe Mali. Each guest performs a song that resembles them. Thiéfaine resumes with sensitivity Apocalypticodramatic, Renaud chose Misery opposite, song of migrants trying to get out. Souchon, with his sons Pierre and Ours, worries him about walking 2050-2100. Lavilliers is indignant at the plight of the Palestinians in If life put me there. Véronique Sanson honors a friend who disappeared too soon with Ladilafé.

dubbed “The child of Marley and Brassens”, Tryo borrowed reggae rhythms and “Man!” which punctuate his refrains, and on the second his committed generosity and the freedom of his verb. In twenty-five years, his musicians have sung in various musical aesthetics. This wide palette allows them to open their doors. Ayo thus slides her folk and vibrant voice into Time, melancholic title, when Tiken Jah Fakoly makes people speak forcefully The elders, and that M (Matthieu Chedid) delicately seizes El Dulce de Leche.

Tryo’s political and ecological commitments make sense today, but are not new. The group denies having been a pioneer – “The scientists alerted long before us! “ – but claims his “Respectful and humanistic look” focused on the world. Tryo was the first French group to carry out its carbon footprint in 2008, a year after the British from Radiohead. The first to suggest carpooling to its spectators.

“It didn’t work at all, Mali laughs again. We offered free tickets to those who had carpooled, still nothing … So, we looked for something stronger and we offered to meet us after the concert. Without any results! And to say that today it is completely in the customs! “ More eco-friendly lighting, local food for tour members, reusable cups … Tryo put all these common sense solutions in place over ten years ago.

This advance, as well as the tolerant and open vision of France defended by Tryo for twenty-five years has won them the support of a large audience, with more than three million records sold. It is also for this reason that the young generation responded as one man to sing ten voices The anthem of our campaignsXXV.

A joyful touch of modernity

Tryo’s birthday party gives their hits a cheerful, modern twist with fifteen young artists. Zaz resonates You and me with electro accents, Vianney responds to Ibrahim Maalouf’s trumpet on Hold me. The Bigflo & Oli brothers register For a flirt with the crisis at the time. Gauvain Sers, sly, is Not the same when Sylvain Duthu (Boulevard des Airs) swings on What we love.

Alain Souchon: “I like light music and deep words”

Between civic speech and dancing celebrations, Tryo does not want to choose. If Mali quotes Alain Souchon – “To sing is to throw balls” -, Daniel immediately tempers: “But we don’t wake up every morning in engagement either!” We also have light, love songs. “

Two dimensions illustrated brilliantly in XXV. There are as well A man who loves women, charge against misogyny in which the trio L.E.J (Lucie, Elisa and Juliette) puts all its passion, and the farache sorry for last night illuminated by the chat of humorists Mcfly & Carlito, just for fun.


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