TSK promotes energy projects in Asturias of 500 million

Sabino García, from TSK Engineering.

Gijón engineering TSK promotes investment projects in decarbonization in Asturias for an amount of 500 million euros, whose realization has raised for co-financing with European funds for postcovid reconstruction. The projects that it intends to execute in the region, mainly in energy storage, represent the 62.5% of the 800 million which plans to mobilize the company with the whole of Spain for the same purpose.

Among the plans that TSK has proposed to the Spanish Government are different energy storage plants using liquid air (to be located in sites affected by the closure of thermal power plants), a biomass plant associated with the food industry to boost the circular economy, a CO2 capture project, and a center of excellence for sustainability and digitization of the industrial and energy sector. This latest project aims to be a technological and innovation milestone, and will focus its actions on the development of innovative and sustainable technologies in the industrial and energy sector for efficiency, large-scale energy storage and the development of new sources of sustainable energy , decarbonization, circular economy and eco-innovation, among other purposes.

TSK has raised these initiatives in collaboration with the British company Highview Power (with which it has a technological alliance to develop energy storage solutions) and with the participation of different SMEs, technology centers and universities.


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