Tsuen Wan Jellyfish Restaurant celebrates its anniversary and becomes single?The waiter wrote a typo on the cake, Hong Kong girl second black face

Tsuen Wan jellyfish restaurant “Ocean Cube • Exploration Pavilion Restaurant Cube O CAFE” has launched a jellyfish dining experience earlier, and the Exploration Pavilion has become a romantic jellyfish restaurant, attracting many Hong Kong people to dine there. A couple of Hong Kong people also came to eat the atmosphere, but they couldn’t eat the atmosphere, but they were full of food. They put their names on the Internet and counted out many crimes. The reporter learned about the situation from the restaurant and got an exclusive response.

Tsuen Wan Jellyfish Restaurant celebrates its anniversary and becomes single?The waiter wrote a typo on the cake, Hong Kong girl second black face

A female netizen posted a message in the Facebook group “Zhongfu Dining Reporting Area”, saying that her boyfriend made a special reservation for the jellyfish restaurant in Tsuen Wan, Cube O CAFE, in order to celebrate the first anniversary of the couple, hoping to be able to Surrounded by jellyfish, the two spend a romantic night together, but encounter a series of unpleasant experiences, and then publish multiple crimes on the Internet.

(Photo of Haohai Cube • Exploration Hall)

Seeing jellyfish on a computer screen?
Asked to transfer but was notified that there is a minimum consumption

The female netizen pointed out that the waiter arranged them in a corridor, and the surrounding scenery was not ideal, so she could not see the jellyfish with her own eyes, but could only watch about 3 jellyfish through the computer screen preset in the restaurant. At that time, her boyfriend asked the waiter to arrange a change of location, only to learn that the VIP room with a better view has a minimum spending requirement of $500. At that time, the two had to go to the VIP room in pursuit of a better view. When they arrived, they found that “there are mirrors on all four sides, and there are four cylinders with jellyfish on the front.” They are all very ordinary, and the tablecloths should be like those in a tea house.”

Controlled lobster soup “bitter enough to drink Chinese medicine”
Staff God’s response shocked the victim

On the other hand, the female victim also pointed out that the quality of food in the restaurant was mediocre, and the most unpalatable dish was lobster soup, which she described as “too bitter to drink Chinese medicine”. She reported the situation to the waiter. According to the female victim’s description, the waiter responded: “My lobster soup is a bit bitter”, and also pointed out that “most of them are served with bread.” The two owners were quite surprised at the moment: “I thought we didn’t know anything, so I ordered another type of bread…it was so unpalatable.”

birthday cake typo
The staff changed more and more wrongly to celebrate being single

The hostess also shared that her boyfriend insisted on ordering desserts, but she didn’t realize that her boyfriend prepared them carefully until it was served, and asked the restaurant to write congratulations on the cake. However, the female victim took a closer look and found that the cake was someone else’s name and the words “Happy Birthday”. The female victim said indifferently: “We don’t have any birthdays.” There was still an error on the table the next time, it said “12.1 Cindy 1st Anniversary” (Cindy is the subject’s English nickname), but there was no trace of the name of the man who booked the restaurant. As a result, the woman was very angry and described the experience as “no left Name my boyfriend to celebrate my one-year anniversary on my own.”

Restaurant exclusive response!Very different from the subject

The reporter inquired about the incident at the jellyfish restaurant “Ocean Cube•Explorer Cube O CAFE” in Tsuen Wan and received an exclusive reply. The restaurant staff called the reporter and said that due to the different seating landscapes in the restaurant, the minimum consumption amount also differs. And unless it is a special situation, the restaurant does not allow diners to change seats on the fly, emphasizing that the change of seats by the victim is a special case.

On the other hand, the victim accused that the lobster soup produced by the jellyfish restaurant in Tsuen Wan “Hao Hai Cube · Exploration Museum Restaurant Cube O CAFE” tasted bitter. O CAFE adopts a more authentic cooking method, admitting that the taste of lobster soup will be slightly sweet and bitter.

(Image source: Facebook screenshot)

As for the “written typo on the cake” that many people are concerned about, the restaurant staff said that under normal circumstances, they would apologize to the diners and compensate the diners according to the situation. However, the details of this incident still need to be learned from relevant colleagues before they can give an answer. If the situation is true, The incident will be handled seriously and relevant staff will be trained. There is no follow-up response before the deadline, and the editorial department will continue to follow up the incident.

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