Tsunamis, a planetary threat – It’s not wind

Published on : 15/10/2020 – 15:23Modified : 15/10/2020 – 17:19

TSU the port-NAMI the waves: the waves that destroy the ports. It was in 2004 that the whole world discovered, thanks to the videos filmed by the mobile phones of the inhabitants, the extent of this phenomenon which will make 230,000 victims in Indonesia.

Since then, the science of tsunamis has developed and the Unesco Oceanographic Commission has just launched an awareness month, because warning is saving lives. What are the causes of tsunamis? What are the most threatened regions and how can you protect yourself from them?

Guests :
Christophe Larroque, geologist at the Géoazur laboratory of the CNRS
Patrick Wessmer, geographer at the physics laboratory of the University of Paris1
Pascal Guerin for his documentary Tsunami, a planetary threat.


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