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“TTT Rīga” beat the Czech club “SBS Ostrava” with the result 89:57 (16:10, 34:18, 21:18, 18:11) as a guest in the sports house “Daugava”.

Ilze Jākobsone was the most productive woman from Riga with 26 points, who realized eight long shots, but Jessica Tomasa had 21 points and 11 productive passes. Gunta Baško stood under the baskets with nine rebounds, who also intercepted four passes.

Nikolina Zubaca had 22 points and 12 balls under the baskets.

On Wednesday at 12 o’clock, both teams will meet again, with the winner entering the final four tournaments in the sum of two games.

The Riga team won in all five subgroup games, while the Ostrava team achieved one success in four battles.

Playing at EWBL helped the “TTT Rīga” team prepare for the second run of the Euroleague. Participation in the tournament allowed to double the number of available international games, as well as helps the national team candidates to get in better shape before the national teams run.

Basketball club “TTT Rīga” also started in the first four seasons of EWBL. The Rigans won twice in the championship (2016, 2019), as well as lost twice in the final to the Slovak club “Good Angels” in Košice. EWBL twice organized the “Four Finals” (2016, 2018) in Riga, which took place in the sports house “Daugava”.

The other Latvian team in this tournament “Liepāja” / LSSS suffered losses in all four games and did not qualify for “play-off”.


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