Tuca told Gustavo Galindo that it was easier to play in First

Jorge Rosales

Monterrey / 25.08.2020 21:23:14


Gustavo Galindo placeholder image is one of the players who catch the spotlight on the team, after having the complicated task of replacing Nahuel Guzman after testing positive for COVID-19, but a day before his debut against Toluca, Ricardo Ferretti, the club’s coach, took the time to speak with him to convey confidence, telling him that it would be easier to play in the First Division than in the U-20.

“I spoke a day before in the team talk with Tuca and told me to feel safe, that my colleagues were going to help me, that It was easier to play in the First Division than in the U-20 because your colleagues help you, if you give a bad pass they help you to solve them, they open up a lot, he told me all that, to have confidence in myself, that I knew how to do things, “he said in a videoconference.

The bad news for Gus is that he has not had to celebrate a triumph on his return to the UANL team, since before the Devils they lost 3-2 and the last with Pumas they tied to one goal. Now he works to be against Mazatlán on Friday and be able to know the victory, something possible because Nahuel tested positive again after the last exam.

“Dissatisfied, I would have loved to have the 6 points but right now that is over and I am going to continue working to see if I have to try to win the next game, that no longer depends on me, whether it is my turn or not,” he added.


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