Tuchel “very proud” after the victory against Metz: “It’s strong, very strong” – Ligue 1

The Parisian coach delivers his analysis after the 1-0 victory against Metz on Wednesday at the Parc des Princes.

At the Parc des Princes

The game : “I’m very proud. It’s incredible ! We created chances, we played with a lot of effort, we made a lot of changes (compared to the last game) and we played with a lot of players who haven’t trained, like Marquinhos. We use players who have not played for a long time like Abdou (Diallo). Mauro (Icardi) is used without training. We use too many players like Angel (Di Maria), Ander (Herrera), Gana (Gueye). But the effort is still there. This is the most important at the moment. We created a lot of chances and we had a lot of possession, a lot of recoveries. We attacked and defended together. I could feel that we absolutely wanted (to win). It’s not easy because I think the four defenders have never played together so far. At 11, we missed all our chances. We were tired in the second half, it was more difficult to create it. At 10, we still have two great chances. We still miss. To stay in this game after Juan (Bernat) was injured is incredible, really. This team has once again shown that it has an extraordinary “spirit”. As a coach, you cannot wish for anything other than a “spirit” like this. The supporters can be proud. We still deserved to win, in the last minutes, nine against eleven. It’s strong, very strong. ”

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Juan Bernat : “I am very sad. I fear a serious knee injury. The exams will take place tomorrow (this Thursday). ”

“Angel Di Maria? It is a gift for each coach to have him on his team ”

Angel Di Maria : “It’s always the same with him. He is strong, he is reliable, he has the experience, the mentality and the quality to be decisive. He’s a key player for us. He showed it again. Nothing new. It’s incredible. He plays two matches in three days without training, after being sick with the corona … I have no words. It’s unbelievable, again … But we finally get used to him doing things like that because he’s always there, always reliable, he always wants to play. It’s a gift for each coach to have him on his team. ”

Julian Draxler : “If I can guarantee that he will still be there at the end of the transfer window? We are in football, we can not guarantee anything (smile). During the transfer window, everything can change overnight. It has quality, that’s clear, no doubt. (on his goal) The most important thing is that he raced in the box again. He showed that mentality, because he doesn’t have to prove he has quality. If he plays with that mentality, he can be a very important player for us. I still count on him. But at the moment, we can’t leave any player behind. We have to use everyone. The team died in the locker room, dead. Now, we have to recover because we have another match (Sunday in Nice, note). ”

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The decisions of the Disciplinary Commission : “It’s better that I don’t say what I think, because I want to be on the bench for the next game, honestly … But I’ve never seen a guy take two matches for two yellows (Paredes has sentenced to two firm matches and a suspended one). I am very surprised. But at the same time, I can’t really be because it always happens. (…) I am very surprised that Angel has to speak to the Commission. I can’t wait for a suspension … I wasn’t expecting anything, I accept now. “

“The lack of efficiency is very easy to explain, we are missing attackers”

Lack of efficiency : “It’s very easy to explain. We are missing attackers. We had four last season. There, we only played with a real striker, Mauro. Angel and Pablo (Sarabia) are half-space players. We play without training too. It’s missing. If we can do the same without something without these players, why would they have been there in a season in which we were very successful? ”

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Possible returns before Nice : “I hope. Marco Verratti and Thilo Kehrer had a little pain in the adductor and we didn’t take any risks. I really hope they can recover because Leo Paredes (suspended) will miss another game and I do not know if it is possible to play Angel and Gana again on Sunday … Kylian Mbappé? It may be necessary to make him play. He feels good. He had no symptoms (of the coronavirus). He has been training individually for several days. We might do the same as with Angel, Marquinhos and Mauro. It depends on whether he can train with the rest of the team. If it’s possible, we can decide. We will decide on Saturday. I hope.”

Neymar and the Alvaro Gonzalez affair : “We talk about a lot of things but not that. He explained to me what he heard. After that, it was up to the club to defend him, to be at his side. He explained to me. We’re talking about sport only, and personal things too, but not too much of that. “

Interview at a press conference.

Hognon: “If we lose, it’s our fault”

Vincent Hognon (Metz coach) : “We tried to push them. We had a lot of situations. We started with two forwards and a number 10. I’m not sure a lot of teams do it (against PSG). We tried, we had ambition, at our level. I would have liked us to go look for them even more to try to make a difference. But we saw that even at nine, they could score … Big disappointment in the locker room because the players feel that they have not gone far. But not going far, that’s not enough … We ruin everything. If we lose, it’s our fault. The goal that we take nine against eleven is forbidden. (…) We are stupidly trapped. Lack of support in the surface. It is an action that should not even exist nine against eleven … (…) Habib Diallo? He has all the qualities. You know how much I love him, I am wary that he has not yet found a club to suit him. ” (in press conference)


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