Tunisair announces new measures for passengers bound for Canada

All passengers aged five or over traveling to Canada will be required to present, upon check-in in Tunisia, a negative PCR test dated within 72 hours or a positive test carried out between 14 and 90 days before departure, announced , Friday, the Tunisair National Airline.

The new decision comes following decisions by the Canadian government on new mandatory requirements for travelers to Canada, Tunisair explained.

The traveler who does not present a result of the test will be refused boarding and “discretionary travel, including for tourist or recreational purposes, is not authorized”, specifies the same source, adding that all travelers, a few exceptions, must meet the mandatory 14-day isolation period and must be able to demonstrate how they plan to comply while in Canada. The violation of any directive given on entry into Canada constitutes “a violation of the law on quarantine and may result in a maximum sentence of six months imprisonment, a financial fine or both of these sanctions,” Tunisair added.

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