Tunisia-Africa trade: A new dynamic is emerging

2023-09-27 10:55:40

LTunisia is firmly committed to a prosperous Africa focused on modernity. It believes in co-development based on intra-African cooperation and economic complementarity, on active solidarity and the pooling of means and efforts. This has resulted in the strengthening of trade and a number of Tunisian investments in Africa in areas as varied as agriculture, housing, telecommunications, banking and basic infrastructure.

A field of many desires, Africa is at a decisive turning point in its history which is forcing it to rethink its development differently. Which necessarily involves the impetus of a collective dynamic pushing all African countries to work hand in hand for the benefit of the populations. It is this approach that can lead to the emergence of an economically strong, integrated and resilient Africa. This is why Tunisia, which believes in the continent’s potential, has always campaigned for African integration through the construction of an economic model favoring co-development. This vision should be consolidated by the operationalization of the African Continental Free Trade Area (Zlecaf), which will open up a market of 1.3 billion consumers with a GDP of 3.4 trillion dollars and increase intra-African trade.

For years, Tunisia has increased initiatives and actions to promote cooperation with its African partners and raise it to the level of a true partnership. It has, in fact, chosen a “win-win” approach with its partners and friendly countries in Africa.

Beyond the geostrategic dimension, the commercial objective is to facilitate investment in the continent. It is also about creating the conditions to increase the volume of trade between Tunisia and its partners, private companies working in various sectors. Hence the importance of Tunisia’s accession to the African Continental Free Trade Area (Zlecaf) agreement to boost trade with Africa.

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The president of the Tunisian-Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Hédi Ben Abbès, was to recall that Africa has “become a center of international interest and it is normal for Tunisia to claim its share, adding that, to succeed , it must not be content to be a simple transit country to other African countries, but a platform from which investment and trade take place.” He also pleaded for the multiplication of direct land, sea and air links in order to reduce transport difficulties with African countries, also drawing attention to the need to promote intra-African banking payment systems.

In this context, the creation project of a corridor via Tunisia and Libya, through the Libyan city of Misrata, will be created. The objective is to make this zone a commercial portal for Africa, capable of promoting economic integration with sub-Saharan countries. The two parties also underlined the imperative to establish a tripartite partnership between Tunisia, Libya and Africa and to increase the volume of trade to reach 5,000 million dinars over the coming years.

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