Turkey: a father tried to sacrifice his son as an offering to God

42 year old man tried to kill his son of 16 cutting his neck, in an attempt to sacrifice it as an offering to God, as he explained when he surrendered to the Police in northern Turkeyreported this Tuesday the Turkish newspaper Republic.

The man, a health sector worker and a resident of Zonguldak province on the Black Sea coast, put his son in a car and drove him to a forest, where made a cut on his neck cwith a butcher knife.

He left him in the place thinking he was dead, and then he turned himself in to the police and confessed to his crime.

According to the newspaper, the agents went to the scene and transferred the young man, who was unconscious, to a hospital, where stay in intensive care, while the father has been sent to preventive detention.

Offering to God

The father assured that first he had wanted to sacrifice himself, hanging himself with his tie, but after failing, he had a dream that inspired him to turn his son into a religious offering, although he did not detail the reason why he believed that this act was necessary.

Both the Koran and the Bible describe the myth of Abraham that God orders to sacrifice his son, although both sacred texts agree that God prevented murder at the last moment, substituting the boy for a lamb, which has given rise to the main annual rite of Islam, the Feast of the Lamb. (EFE)

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