Turkey shocked by murder of young woman

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The murder of a young woman has been at the origin, for several days, of a wave of indignation in Turkey, at the very moment when the government is debating the possibility of leaving an international convention against violence against women. women.

Pinar Gültekin, 27, was beaten and strangled by his companion, who cremated his body before pouring it in concrete and trying to make it disappear in the forest, reports the daily Liberty. The remains of the young woman were found Tuesday, July 21.

“Why each year do more women have to be beaten, killed by a man who claims to love them? We just want to live. And if possible not to live in fear when we hear footsteps behind us in the street ”, indignant a newspaper columnist Republic.

After a series of high-profile feminicides, the murder of Pinar Gültekin was the spark that led many Turkish women to take to the streets of major cities, despite the Covid-19 pandemic and police repression. In Izmir, a demonstration in tribute to the young woman was dispersed by the police, and about fifteen demonstrators violently arrested, underlines the online media Newspaper Wall.

Faced with the reactions of civil society and the opposition, the president, Erdogan, even decided to speak: “We send our condolences to Pinar Gültekin’s family, and I’m sure the monster who slaughtered him will receive the heaviest sentence..”

“Why can’t violence against women get beyond politics?” asks a newspaper columnist



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