Turkey vacation 2020: is travel possible despite Corona? Current rules

Europe Travel in times of Corona

These rules apply to vacationers in Turkey

Before air traffic resumed, Turkey set new rules for travelers and airports. The tourism industry is hoping for a quick return of tourists and is preparing measures for hotels and beaches.

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You should now pay attention to this when booking your holiday

With the lifting of the travel warnings, summer vacations could still be possible. In the WELT interview, Ralf Hieke from the German Travel Association explains why you should now opt for package tours when booking.

DTurkey is gradually loosening the corona measures and preparing for an opening to tourism. In the meantime, travel restrictions only apply to 15 instead of 31 cities and provinces as before.

The country is already hoping for international holidaymakers in June. Hotels and restaurants are subject to strict corona requirements.Turkey has developed a certification program with 132 criteria.

For example, distance and hygiene rules must be observed. The staff should receive pandemic training. Food and drinks are to be distributed by the employees. Luggage is treated with disinfectants.

Corona rules when entering Turkey

Before resuming domestic and international air traffic, Turkey set new rules for travelers and airports. Local media reported on a civil aviation authority document dated May 28, which included a mandatory mask for everyone in terminals.

Anyone who does not travel, but only says goodbye or receives travelers, is no longer allowed to enter the airport building, but has to wait outside. There are exceptions only for people who cannot manage without a companion.

According to the rules, passengers from “risky regions” are assigned special entrances where possible. However, it is not broken down by nation who falls into this category.

At the entrances to airports, travelers and staff should also be measured using either thermal cameras or thermometers. Clearance rules apply when checking baggage and elsewhere. Playgrounds as well as smoking and prayer rooms could only be accessible to a limited extent or remain closed.

Passengers will also only be allowed to take cabin luggage onto the aircraft to a limited extent. However, handbags, laptop bags and baby accessories are also allowed.

Turkish airlines want to resume flights between early and mid-June. The semi-public company Turkish Airlines, for example, wants to fly in the country again from June 4 and travel internationally from June 10. German tourists should only travel to Turkey on charter flights.

Tour operators already offer trips

There are said to be only half as many sun loungers on the beaches of the Mediterranean.

The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul opens again on June 1st.

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Vacation in the Corona crisis

On the booking platforms of some tour operators, a Turkish vacation is already available with a travel beginning from the end of June or the beginning of July, for example at TUI as an all-inclusive offer with a flight from Munich to Antalya on July 2 for a week on the Turkish Riviera.

The provider reserves the right to change flight times. Discounts and the offer of a free cancellation or rebooking up to two weeks before departure should encourage vacationers to book.

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