Turki Al-Sheikh Responds to Criticism: Riyadh Season and Solidarity with Gaza

2023-10-28 07:35:28

Al-Marsad newspaper: The head of the General Entertainment Authority, Turki Al-Sheikh, responded to the criticism directed at him and the Kingdom during the past days, due to not canceling the Riyadh Season activities, in solidarity with the Gaza Strip.

Turki Al-Sheikh said, via his Facebook account: “There is an important point that I think must be pointed out clearly, and I have not spoken much recently, but I think it is important to speak now.”

He added: “In 1967 AD, when countries were occupied, nothing stopped, and during the Lebanon War, nothing stopped, and when I fought my country for 7 years, nothing stopped, and Saudi blood is more precious to me than anything.”

He continued: “When the trivial people outbid us, we must clarify the truth. I do not know when the mockery of using the name of the Kingdom, my name, or the name of the Riyadh season in anything as a peg to divert attention from another event or another situation will end.”

Al-Sheikh continued: “How long will we allow making mistakes against legal figures in my country and crying when responding? And how long will we intimidate everyone who cooperates with us in an honorable work like any other work? I have not seen football stopped, for example, and any free and honorable job, and any tourist job as well.” .

He said: “I think that the Arab citizen has become familiar and understands the name Turki Al-Sheikh, and uses it for why and by whom. The situation has become completely exposed, with the same tools, the same newspapers, the same method, and the same people. But the Saudi, including me, is busy with the development and renaissance of his country, and every visitor and lover is welcome.”

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