Turki Al-Sheikh with a shocking statement about Samira Tawfik

Live broadcast on the social networking site, the consultant appearedTurki Al Sheikh​​​The head of the General Authority for Entertainment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia responded to the questions of a member of the Saudi Journalists Association behind the fiftieth, as Turki was asked about the possibility of contracting with the Lebanese artist​Samira TawfikAl-Sheikh responded to him with a statement that shocked the followers: “By God, my brother, we have a commercial goal. I bring you a cassette tape that you can listen to and let it wink at you. My commercial goal is in the pocket of the people who dictate the theater to me.”

Al-Sheikh added: “Samira Tawfik is of her generation, 90% of it died. What is left of it is you, we send you a CD. You heal Samira Tawfiq and live your life with her.”
Turki Al-Sheikh aroused the enthusiasm of the public after he announced a surprise of high caliber.
In the details, he wrote on his personal page on the social networking site: “We signed with a Korean band, but we will announce at the right time.” After that, speculation began about the identity of the band that Al Sheikh contracted with to perform from the age of reviving a concert in the Riyadh season, and the pioneers of social networking sites interacted with the publication, and they wondered about the identity of the band that would visit Saudi Arabia soon and meet with its fans in an exceptional concert.


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