Turn of the screw to come, fewer vaccines in February and disappearance of an icon

Gabriel Attal, January 20, 2021 in Paris. – Ludovic MARIN / AFP

Did you miss the news from this early morning? We have concocted a recap to help you see more clearly.

The Thursday meetings of Prime Minister Jean Castex with representatives of parliamentary political groups and elected representatives from the area have brought about a “consensus” to take “additional measures” against the coronavirus epidemic, government spokesman Gabriel Attal reported. . The consultations carried out in Matignon “reached a consensus around the fragility of the epidemic situation, and a second consensus which follows directly from the first, (…) the need to take additional measures to slow down the circulation of the virus in the coming days” , did he declare.

The decrease in vaccine dose deliveries will obviously not be without consequences: the government predicts that in February only one million people will receive a first injection of the anti-Covid vaccine, after more than 1.4 million in January. That is a total of around 2.5 million at the end of February. This vaccination forecast is much lower than the figure of 4 million people vaccinated at the end of February mentioned by the Minister of Health Olivier Véran a week ago and again this Tuesday, a reflection of deliveries of doses which promise to be lower than expected.

In addition, clinical trials of the two-dose Covid-19 vaccine of Novavax have shown an efficacy of 89.3%, the US biotech company said Thursday in a statement posting the results of the phase 3 trials. the news was counterbalanced by the joint announcement that the vaccine is much less effective against the variant identified first in South Africa (60%), which scientists consider to be more contagious.

His career spanned seven decades. Actress Cicely Tyson, an icon for two generations of African-American actresses and a Broadway figure, died Thursday at the age of 96, her manager announced. She had just been interviewed a few days ago on CBS for the release of her memoir Just as I am. Cicely Tyson is notably known to the general public for her Oscar nomination for Sounder in 1973. She had also appeared in the movies Green tomato fritters and The colour of feelings. She had also played in the play by Jean Genet The Blacks (The Negroes), on Broadway in the early 1960s. More recently, he had been seen in The Help and the television series How to Get Away with Murder, where she played the mother of Viola Davis. The latter said she was “devastated” at the announcement of the news: “You made me feel seen and loved in a world where there is always a cloak of invisibility on us, dark chocolate girls (girls with “dark chocolate” skin). You gave me permission to dream. “

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