Turn on the hint of “famous heroine”, causing the team to mess around, pouring queues for the filming of dramas with fiends.

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28 September 2021 – 19:23

open hint “Famous heroine” Make a messy team, take a queue for the filming of a drama that has a partner.

Previously, there were hot and notorious issues in the industry for Saipew, Saiphua, who had already criticized each other in the social world. With the story of the heroine Q Thong, Taekong flees to get an event. until the team is tired and does not want to work with But no one dared to reveal who it was.

the last one again After a popular page like Je Moi 108 came out to open a hint “Famous heroine” Kew Thong, one of the most popular events make the team turbulent After a mysterious chat sent to inform the news that the heroine went to pour the queue to shoot for the filming set of a drama that has more cues. specify the message

“To one of the leading actresses Now there is a team that asks for a queue to finish the photo shoot. Prolonging the queue before the lockdown Until now he has stopped the lockdown. The work has been taken Still haven’t queued up the heroine yet. P.S. just goes to pour a queue for a pile that has a partner. The other team was neglectful, mother.”

This work, the famous page has brought the message of one team that wants to unfold. “The number one heroine” came to post along with which the chat stated that

“I want her to give a queue to the set. Now she still gives a queue for 9 days a month. The staff came to cry with me very hard. Replaces the value when it expires. the camera has been turned off The team will be able to do the next drama, but this is not at all. Well, now I can honestly say that if I get a queue for the heroine Well, the camera can be turned off soon, but now I can’t plan anything because the heroine doesn’t give me a queue. Well, right now, I don’t need much from her. Besides asking Mrs. Giving more than 9 queues to the filming set per month is enough. If you are not ready to play in the first place, don’t suffer at all. Villagers …
… pay respect to your mother one more time. who loves us We are really in trouble, Mom. Thank you for the merit this time that you helped the team to make me happy. Pang Puriye, go find out, mom.”

which after the post was shared There were netizens commenting on each other for clues. In addition, some people are still linked to the former famous heroine with the initials “BoF”, but the fans do not believe that it is her, saying that“I want to know which group it is.” “Why don’t you go tell Mrs.or “Go talk to her personal manager. It’s not good to come out like this.” However, whether this story is true or not remains to be seen.

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