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Social Center/Reported by Lan Shimeng

▲ The woman in the car accident flew out and fell from the back of the car to the front intersection. (Picture / Photo taken from the self-exploding waste commune)

Really pay attention to driving safety! Today (29th), a netizen posted on Facebook and posted a picture of a driving record. He saw that the car started to turn right. Suddenly, a woman wearing a blue-green safety helmet sprayed from the right rear of the picture. When he came out, he fell forward almost the entire intersection, making people look stupid. It turned out that the locomotive was double-loaded and illegally running a red light, and then it accidentally hit the car in front of it that was about to turn, causing the woman in the back seat to be sprayed.

A netizen posted an 11-second-long video of a driving recorder on the Facebook group “Blast and Waste Commune”, which caused a heated discussion; the driver of the car was about to turn right, but he was hit by a locomotive speeding behind him after only half of the turn. Go, the woman in the back seat even sprayed directly from the locomotive and fell to the intersection in front, which made the original PO look dumbfounded and shouted, “The girl fell hard this time… Her dad should beat this man!”

The woman fell tragically, and her injuries did not appear to be minor.  (Picture / Photo taken from the self-exploding waste commune)

▲ The woman suffered a tragic fall, and her injuries did not appear to be light. (Picture / Photo taken from the self-exploding waste commune)

Many sharp-eyed netizens watched this video and found that the location is on Dadu Road in the Guandu area of ​​Beitou. Logically speaking, when the vehicle lane in the middle is going straight, the traffic lane next to it is a red light, so that the vehicle can turn right smoothly. When the green light in the locomotive lane is changed to the red light in the lane, it is also convenient for the locomotive to turn left without collision. Therefore, many local people know at a glance that a locomotive runs a red light before hitting a turning car.

The original PO also attached the full video. The traffic lights were filmed, and the horror scene made everyone leave comments after watching it. The brake is just…”, “Girls turn 10 points”, “This landing feels that the girl’s cervical vertebra is injured! It should be serious”, “I feel that there is a problem with the road design”, “It looks so painful, I hope it’s okay” , “You still need to take a look at the turn.”

The front of the locomotive was obviously broken.  (Photo/Provided by Beitou Branch)

▲ The front of the locomotive was obviously broken. (Photo/Provided by Beitou Branch)

The Beitou branch police responded that the car accident happened at about 3:30 pm on the 11th, at the third section of Dadu Road and Guandu intersection in Beitou District. Lai, who was born in 1993, suffered multiple bruises on her body after the car accident, and neither party drank alcohol. It was a simple traffic accident.

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