Tutorial: download Forza Motorsport (132 GB) before its release on Xbox Game Pass | Xbox One

2023-09-19 19:01:34

About twenty days before the release of Forza Motorsport, it is already possible to download it in order to launch the title directly when it is released on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass. This turns out to be a good thing for small hookups who were worried they wouldn’t be able to get going on the big day.

Pre-install Forza Motorsport

Outperform the competition with over 800 performance upgrades in the all-new fun and rewarding single-player experience: the Manufacturers’ Championship career mode. Compete against your friends in multiplayer events based on tire and fuel management with a structure inspired by race weekend and with new driver and safety levels. Face formidable AI-controlled opponents, enjoy advanced physics, powerful assists, new damage and attrition systems all with photorealistic visuals and real-time ray tracing on the track. Immerse yourself in the world of auto racing with over 500 real-world cars and 20 world-class environments (including some fan-favorite locations) with multiple tracks, dynamic passage of time and weather, and unique driving conditions.

Xbox Series X|S and PC players, you can start downloading Forza Motorsport now. You will need to reserve 132.10 GB on Xbox Series To install it on Xbox, nothing could be simpler, just go through the Xbox Game Pass tab on your Xbox Series X|S and select the game to start the operation.

How to download Forza Motorsport in advance on PC

Have a PC running Windows 10 or 11. Download the application Xbox. To log in. In the “Game Pass” tab, scroll down and find Forza Motorsport in the “Coming soon to Game Pass” list. Click on the game sheet. Click on “Pre-install”. Choose the location and download the game.

Forza Motorsport on the Microsoft Store

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