Tuy III parent tube fracture leaves Caracas and Miranda without water

A section of a 20-inch matrix tube broke and generated a jet of water, which reached a height of almost 15 meters. The event occurred in the Tuy III Hydrological System, exit from pumping station No. 32, in the Caujarito sector, La Raisa national highway, in the Cristóbal Rojas municipality, (Charallave), Miranda state.

Harol Clemente, president of Hidrocapital, reported that the event occurred after 5:48 pm this Sunday, when a suction valve collapsed due to overload and sudden increase in pressure (water hammer) in the aforementioned main pipeline.

The situation alarmed the neighbors, who notified the authorities of the Mayor’s Office of Cristóbal Rojas, who linked up with those responsible for the Valles del Tuy Aqueduct, Miranda governorate and the Nuevo Tricolor neighborhood. Immediately began repairs to the fault in the main tube, which supplies water to Greater Caracas and part of the Cristóbal Rojas and Independencia municipalities, in Miranda.

Clemente said that throughout the night from Sunday until this Monday, the technicians have worked tirelessly in the repair of the damaged water column in the adduction of the Tuy III System, he said at the exit of pumping station No. 32.

He explained that a suction cup will be incorporated into the water distribution network, in order to ensure the correct operation of the affected pipeline, which caused collateral damage to the roads and homes of the Caujarito territorial axis.

Subsequently, Hidrocapital technicians will carry out tests and maneuvers related to pressure and rapid change in the flow rate of the pipeline and its connections, with the perspective of restoring the supply of drinking water to the affected areas.

The parishes affected by the fall of the Tuy III System are: January 23, El Paraíso, Caricuao, El Junquito, La Vega, Coche and El Valle of the Libertador municipality (Caracas).

While in Miranda those affected are the residents of the Sucre parish, Baruta, Charallave and Santa Teresa del Tuy.


The members of the Miranda Fire Department, the Sector Vice-presidency for Public Works and Services; Representatives of the Regional Government, Secretaries of the Right to the City and Strategic Supplies of the Bolivarian Government of the Cristóbal Rojas municipality carry out the inspections to assess the damage to the roads and homes affected by the rupture of the main pipeline of the Tuy III System in the Caujarito territorial axis of Charallave.

The authorities channel the solutions. They urge drivers to prevent when traveling through the aforementioned road artery.

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